Snapshots of urban childhoods

More readings for the entire family during the holidays. We propose enjoy the story "The Carousel" by Silvina Ocampo. Download "Lyrics childhoods in Latin America" to find more stories.

Dibujo de dos niñas jugando en una calesita. Están saltando alrededor.
La Calesita-Ilustrador REP

In literature the diversity of childhoods appear, and in many works, despite the passage of time, it is possible to reconstruct Childhood other times. Chapter 1 of the book Letters childhoods in Latin America summons the memory of great writers to open the plurality of childhoods with memories, anecdotes or autobiographical references, which become real and unreal stories.
In calling childhoods past and present, imaginary, meanings and identities around children are reconstructed. Therefore, in the chapter called Snapshots of urban childhoods are invited to read stories of writers Jorge Luis Borges, Silvina Ocampo and Felisberto Hernández, where images of childhood are the common point.
We share one such story, The Carousel of Silvina Ocampo (Repetitions and other unpublished stories. Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, 2006).
The other stories that make downloading chapter you can read the entire book by clicking here.

The carousel

IN THE GARDEN WHERE THEY PLAY day is so clear that it can count the leaves of the trees. My daughters are the same height, sun wear beanies made from a Scottish genre. They are not seen hair color because they take completely hidden under the cap, they will not see the color of the eyes because they are veiled in shadows, strange shadows on a Scottish caged eyes of my daughters. The two are of the same height, have a weight and height corresponding well to the age of five: that fact that fills me with joy I have checked for twenty cents on the balance of pharmacy. The joys that I have are varied and endless as the leaves of these trees, and some of the most tender and other green on a green background and blue sea. I leave the house. It is a translucent, pearly morning. The birds traverse the space between each tree with indecision bold swimmer. Rose bushes are covered with cobwebs; I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of spiders in the garden, I have them fear in the quarter, gathered on the roof of the room and lit by chandeliers with fringes of the hall. It seems that everything is woven with silk threads brillantísimas. We went walking together, we opened the gate and we went for a walk because the garden is not enough to move our amazement, we light legs and wings.
The three were born in the upper orange house in the days of storm shines through the trees mature red. The three have played in the same garden and are united by the same games behind the trees themselves. The three of us have hidden in the same greenhouse plants containing prisoners among the broken glass. The three have always gone in preference to the third floor of the house because there reign basins filled with water with bleach, blue, soapy water, plates, flowers stearin, clothes hanging, old babysitter sleeping on a very ornate room photographs or pictures with smell grits. There rise as washerwomen heaven singing your hands are always in water. There opulent ironers up with eyes full of bliss.
My daughters and I have the same secrets: impossible to know the mystery of riding a tricycle on stone paths. The three have a carousel. They gave me in my childhood. Painted green and red, had, or rather still has four seats that spin by a combined movement of handlebars and pedals.
My joy was dizzying spins music of many colors on the carousel who unpacked my father had brought from Germany. I still remember as if it were today: my father, gardener and a little gentleman with big white mustache who was visiting, had to assemble the three, while I waited surprise at the other end of the garden. Came flying wrapped papers that because it was a windy day and not a quiet day like this. Not a leaf moves. Papers came flying until it was finally deploying robes and white wings like a messenger. Then my name began to fill the garden. Everyone was calling me. But I ran, walked with red face and stopped near magnolia trees until they came to call. Gifts ached in proportion to their size, but I went seeking relief; the carousel was before my eyes, I never had such a large and complicated toy. "Climb little girl" - "Hop Doll" - "Subite my daughter," I said voices everywhere. I resisted. The carousel looked fragile and transparent as a sheet of paper, but insisted so much that I finally had to climb. The handlebars were hard, the pedals were hard. I could not make it go. There was no music, no dazzling and dizzying spins horses and carousels of Paris. "We must enaceitarla" said my father and I wanted to apologize. The next day enaceitaron, but does not walk better. As I climbed into the carousel was fading, as I lowered it again find their laps, their music and my longing for climb. A few days ago my daughters discovered the old carousel arrumbada in a corner of the garage. Then they would not walk in it. The gardener, helped by a pawn, transported the carousel the garden while my daughters threw his head back doing strange gargling a sign of joy. "A carousel, a carousel" shouted waving his arms in the form of rapid and repeated flights. But they were not able to do walking. As in my childhood, only when stepped off the carousel went into it. They spent many days going up and down frantically, to seek laps, music and horses as if they had traced my movements then. I think all these things without realizing it way more and more slowly. My daughters are protected by countless movements. We are walking down a street in paradise with blue flower clusters. A aguaribay offers fresh foliage rained in from fifth. We headed down the street that is opposite the church. Two blocks before I tell my daughters to make them run, "Take that road, I'll take it. We'll see who comes before the square ". My daughters come running through the trees. But then the block is crowded. The've lost sight of. "Where are my children?" I'm surrounded by my own screams. The street was full of girls with Scottish beanies. I know the faces of my daughters. I realize I've never seen or watched the faces of my daughters. I'm running and my cries fill the block. I think I'm dreaming. I hear my lips repeat the same phrase to apiadar to passersby: "My daughters lost in the Spanish revolution", but no one listens to me, I alone am touched by my words. The girls beanies Scottish Sun multiply. The've lost forever. I just remember the color of the genre beanies and orphanhood when I left. It was green, white and blue with fine lines of red and black. But beneath those beanies I never met face wearing.


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