"La Infancia Primero" closed the 2016 stage

The first cycle of this program that promotes the Arcor Chile Foundation to generate educational and cultural opportunities was concluded. It is aimed at small and small kindergartens in different communes of Santiago.

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Participantes de la actividad
Cierre La Infancia Primero Chile

On Tuesday, January 3, Fundación Arcor Chile, together with the kindergartens and community organizations that participated in the program "La Infancia Primero", met to exchange knowledge and experiences around the initiatives promoted by the program in 2016.During the day, Paulina Correa, a specialist in physical activity for children, conducted an activity to share the challenges, difficulties and opportunities that the teams face when working to innovate and create new educational opportunities.In this regard, Verónica Catalán, Director of the Cuna Aitue Room in the Commune of La Cisterna, said that this type of initiative, where private enterprise and community unite to work for children, are indispensable "to transform parvularia [...]

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Piernas de chicos en el agua

The Moment Movement: Holidays

Boredom will be the great ally of holidays, because the time to play is a lot and ideas sometimes seem to run out. On the contrary, those moments where everything seems lost will be called to creativity. Arcor Foundation returns with The Moment [...]

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