80,000 boys and girls protagonists of initiatives in Argentina, Brazil and Chile

Fundación Arcor Argentina, Arcor Chile Foundation and Arcor Brasil Institute present their Regional Activities Report. A detail of all actions aimed at creating more opportunities for children.

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Informe de Actividades 2016
About 80 thousand boys and girls were reached by the initiatives that propelled Fundación Arcor Argentina, Arcor Chile Foundation and Instituto Arcor Brasil during 2016.In total, there are 139 supported projects that involve more than 70 thousand adults, all related to the Promotion of Active Life, Early Childhood and Mobilization and Diffusion. These are the numbers of commitment to children.
In the last year, the three institutions in charge of carrying out the Arcor Group's Social Investment strategy advanced the work guidelines on the Rights of the Child and the development of the communities, projected with regional scope. To this end, the emphasis was on strengthening joint management, program consolidation and common social [...]

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Niños y niñas levantando la mano

In Villa del Totoral began to be implemented EduCometro

In Totoral (Córdoba), the EduCometro initiative of Fundación Arcor was launched. The event was attended by José Luis De Lucca, intendant of Villa del Totoral, Santos Lio, manager of Fundación Arcor, and Javier Rodríguez, responsible for the [...]

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