The 9th International Forum of RedEAmérica

Córdoba hosted the 2017 edition of the 9th International Forum of RedEAmérica, which counted with the participation of members and the public in general. Until today, March 17, the exclusive programming continues for the partners of the Network.

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Foro RedEamérica

The 9th International Forum of RedEAmérica was held, which, as every year, organizes this meeting to discuss the role of the private sector in the development of sustainable communities.
The meeting was held in the city of Córdoba between 14 and 17 March. Each day planned specific activities for member organizations. For example, on Tuesday morning the Board of Directors of RedEAmérica was held, and in the afternoon the 15 years of this Thematic Network of the business sector of Latin America and the Caribbean were celebrated.
The Executive Director of RedEAmérica, Margareth Flórez, said that the event met the expectations of the organizers. "We have more than 100 participants from the network, and the Forum of tomorrow was attended by [...]

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Nenes y nenas bailando

More guys move with PEM

On March 9, agreements were signed between the Arcor Brasil Institute and the public schools of Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, which will participate in the fourth edition of the School in Movement Program (PEM). This is the regional initiative of

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Gráfica con paso a paso

A good time to create an orchard

For each season there are different species of fruits, vegetables, vegetables and legumes that grow best in the conditions offered by the climate. As the autumn-winter season is approaching it is advisable to plant the appropriate seeds at this [...]

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