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Romina Flores, one of the teachers of the José María Paz School in the town of Estación General Paz in Córdoba, assures her. There they implemented the project "We live healthily, respecting nature".

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Vivimos saludablemente, respetando la naturaleza

The project is called "We live healthily, respecting nature". It was born within the framework of the School in Motion Program (PEM) with the aim of promoting play, movement and life in nature. "While they are surrounded by nature, they have the field next to them, they do not have so many experiences, nor was there any history of the school having carried out activities of this type." It happens that the technologies with video games or audiovisual media are present. the day and we look for something opposite to that, the technologies seem to connect us, but they isolate us a bit and our intention was to look for something opposite to that, so we proposed the activities of life in nature. know more about the companions with whom they are [...]

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Participantes durante la actividad

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