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La comedia en Jesús María

"It was recorded that you have to eat everything and varied"

The boys enter the theater-theater Gianelli with a smile. Some "collide the five" with Arcorito, who waits for them at the entrance, and others play to avoid him. Everyone rushes to their locations inside the huge room. They are anxious to see Supersaludable.
Outside the Huerto school, where the cinema-theater is, the Agüero boulevard seems, at that hour of noon, an avenue of a provincial capital: 200 meters of cars in a row and honks of the most hurried. A traffic inspector brakes the vehicles in one of the corners, so that the boys cross to the school and returns to give free rein. The[...]
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Niños sentados

"As a teacher you have to be an available body"

Jumping, moving, walking, rolling, balancing, are the activities that have to do with the necessary movement of early childhood and the Childhood Close Program is proposed to stimulate them in Child Development Centers and Maternity Gardens. It is an initiative promoted by Arcor Argentina Foundation, which in addition to promoting active life, seeks to relir the conditions of nutrition in the early years.
During 2017 it was implemented in San Martín, Junín and Tunuyán (Mendoza); San Carlos and[...]
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International Congress for children

In the handwriting of Francesco Tonucci is the signature that accompanies the invitation to the International Congress: "The Council of Children" Why should girls and boys participate in city government?
The meeting is organized by the Cognition Science and Technology Institute of the CNR and the Lazio Region, and will take place on Monday, November 20 in Rome.
Fundación Arcor will be represented with the presence of Javier Rodríguez, coordinator of the Institutional Development and Social Mobilization are[...]
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