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"It's play!" Is the name of the project that the Civil Partnership conducts Cross Young guys in a rural area of the Chaco. It takes place in the framework of Educating Communities Program, powered by Arcor Foundation and Grupo Arcor.

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A jump to more educational opportunities

In the city of Salto, Buenos Aires Province, the boys and girls of the School No.3 enjoy playing in the playroom The Trochita. A project that emerged from Educating Communities program.

Comunidades Educadoras

Educating communities

The community has a right essential to ensure access to the game and the guys role more educational opportunities. That's one of the purposes of Educating Communities Program, powered by Arcor Foundation and Grupo Arcor.

Nota 2 Dossier Juego y vida activa

Dossier on Play and Active Life

Playing is a right of all children and to Fundación Arcor also a pillar for the active life. Therefore, the Activity Report 2013 developed a Special Dossier on which shares his perspective on the game and working life.

Portada Informe de Actividades 2013

Report of Activities 2013

Arcor Foundation presents its 2013 Activity Report. Material is summarizing data, computer graphics and interviews a year of work. It was published in print and digital media.

Nena remontando un barrilete. Portada Boletín Barómetro

Play in childhood

The Barometer of Social Debt Children launched the first newsletter of the year. Inquire about the right to play and the cultural and recreational opportunities for children.

Imagen institucional del programa Escuela en Movimiento Chile.

Active living and childhood in Chile

The Regional School Corporate Social Investment Program in Motion gave the initial kick in Chile. Cerrillos public schools presented various projects related to the promotion of play spaces for children.

Portada resumen estadístico. Barras de colores.

Children and schooling in Latin America

The SIPI published a report on trends in early childhood education in the region. Statistical data analysis and reviewed to understand the importance of access to educational opportunities.