In this section, we share news, studies, interviews, research and projects carried out as well as news from other organizations that are involved in the childhood and education subjects.

Niñas mirando a cámara

The Convention on the Rights of the Child turned 28 years old

At the 28th anniversary of the sanction of the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CDN) by the United Nations (UN), Fundación Arcor renews its commitment to the cause of children throughout the region. The CDN has allowed children to be included as subjects of rights, overcoming the existing tutelary conception. Beginning in 1989, the states, together with the communities and organizations of civil society and the private sector, work to guarantee the rights of children.

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Niños pequeños jugando en cubos

A network that promotes movement and play

The project is titled "I think, I move and I play". It is carried out by the Sor Teresita de los Andes Children's Garden together with the San Francisco de Asís Nursery and the Copiapó Nursery, the latter as a Guest as the beneficiary. The initiative, which takes place in Santiago de Chile, is part of the La Infancia Primero program.
The director of the Children's Garden Sor Teresita de los Andes, Paola Delgado, says that the entrance to the project allowed "to buy didactic materials for children that enhanced movement and play and psychomotor skills"
Delgado said about other aspec[...]
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Niño sentado con la cabeza gacha

UNICEF published a new study

UNICEF published a new study on "Violence against early childhood", in which it addresses the normative and programmatic advances for the prevention and assistance to victims in Latin America, both in terms of corporal punishment and situations such as carelessness and the abuse.
The work observes what the States have done to advance in normative frameworks around the prevention and eradication of violence, as well as for assistance. Argentina, Brazil and Chile are included among the countries that have established measures that protect children, although not all of them reach the charact[...]
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