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Marina Escalada, Carolina Genevois, Silvia Flores y Adriana Castellanos Fuentes.

Marina Escalada: "I've been working with pumpkin weave since 2006"

The project is called "Development of a pumpkin-based food fortified with iron and probiotics". Its goal is to reduce anemia in women and children, the most affected. It states that "one of the most sustainable and cost-effective long-term strategies against iron deficiency anemia is food fortification." The scenario from which the work starts is as follows: "The World Health Organization reported that the prevalence of anemia reaches 800 million children and women worldwide, affecting mainly children and pregnant women of reproductive age."
Anemia occurs when the blood does not carry eno[...]
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Presentación de SuperSaludable

A day more than healthy

More than three hundred children played and taught how to play on the Healthy Day organized by the Arcor Foundation for the schools that are part of the Learning to Enjoy Program. In addition, there were fun stands with information on healthy habits, such as nutrition and hydration. The day was held on November 3 in the town of San Pedro, province of Buenos Aires.
Eleven schools were called to share their strategies to promote active life among their students, and each of the projects became a po[...]
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Participantes del Taller

Active Life Promoters Course

At the end of the year, Brazil will have new promoters of active life in its schools, since 30 educators from Rio das Pedras, Saltinho, Mombuca, Rafard, Monte Mor and Capivari are participating in the Course proposed by the Arcor Brasil Institute. As pointed out Milena Drigo Azal, coordinator of socio-educational programs of the Arcor Institute, the purpose is to offer theoretical, methodological and practical subsidies related to the movement, for professionals who work with children and adolescents, through face-to-face and virtual training.
The training initiative has three face-to-fac[...]
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