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Argentina: Analyzing childhood

The Barometer of Childhood Social Debt is a tool of the Argentine Catholic University (UCA) to create radiographs on how much and how the rights of children in urban Argentina are fulfilled. The data is collected through the Survey of the Argentine Social Debt that is carried out in the main cities of the country.The first annual report of this study dates back to 2004, however in 2010 it began with a special line of research, called the Bicentennial Series, within which, some works aimed at observing the opportunities of game and movement of the boys And girls. Read note
Dibujos Salaozinho

Brazil: Record of registrations for the Salãozinho del Humor

The members of the jury are the art educator Danilo de Angeli and the teacher and graphic artist Fabio San Juan, who pointed out that the works once again demonstrated a critical vision of the participating students in relation to the political and social situation of Brazil. The winners will be announced on October 12 and will be presented to the public at the Municipal Theater "Erotides de Campos". In addition, they will receive prizes offered by Instituto Arcor Brasil.
This is the fourth consecutive year th[...]
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