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Niños, hombre y mujer jugando en un tobagán

Romote the importance of play

The game is an ally in the overall development of children. It is a powerhouse that is essential to strengthen and should be understood as a basic right of every child. In order to promote the importance of the game from a perspective that integrates the diversity of recreational experiences in the social spaces, and reflect on how to play contributes to the formation of children, Arcor Foundation proposed the creation of a learning space in the city of Villa Mercedes (San Luis).
The workshop was called "Feedi[...]
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Nene y nena volando en un avión de papel

Agendálo: Visit Francesco Tonucci, creator of "The City of Children"

With their research, thoughts and professional activity, Francesco Tonucci challenges to adults. From their perspective, the Italian teacher insists that the big guys have to listen to children to positively change the communities in which they live. Get to Argentina invited by Arcor Foundation. During their different activities to share your look and trajectory of childhood.
Promoting the game as a right of all children and in particular, the responsibility of adults to ensure the space and time to play and move, is the theme [...]
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Globos con nombre y bajada de la campaña, viñetas de los spots

Playing with a child's eyes

Children are the protagonists of the public campaign Arcor Foundation in coordination with Grupo Arcor, created to promote the game as a right for all children. The initiative, which is named Play-eyed child and was first released in 2013 is composed of audiovisual spots, graphics and digital pieces, all inspired by the cartoons of Italian educator Francesco Tonucci, creator of the "The City Children "that is carri[...]
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