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Mujer con niño en brazos con mar de fondo

The importance of pampering in early childhood

In a hug, or to change their coat to feed them, the body of the child is present, and in relation to major. Their bodies express what happens, and at the same time, adults make it on stage where their role and express affection. This interaction occurs in all spaces where children pass their daily lives, so it is important to reflect on the ways in which child care is assumed, especially in early childhood. 
Maria Consuelo Gaitan Clavijo, PhD in Social Sciences, psychologist and MA in Education, conducted research on how to care practices of children fall on their bodies. The article was[...]
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Mujer alza a bebé en un atardecer

The affection in childhood

Love is learned. Adults have great responsibilities towards children, you give affection is one of them. The affection childhoods is essential to grow without strong emotional scars associated with abandonment and loneliness. Hence the importance of reflecting on the value of affect in the lives of children. Entel Alicia tackles this subject in the article "The importance of affection", published in the book "Childhoods Several Worlds: [...]
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