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Niños con sus cabezas en ronda

Exchange of glances

In Report of Activities 2013 Arcor Foundation, the Licensed Maria Gabriela and Monica Gonzalez Nieva, Secretary of State and Deputy Director of training and Community Organization, Ministry of Territorial Planning and Local Development, Ministry of Social Development of Tucumán, told in an interview with the experience training program "Building Community: the Local Management Associate. "Both said the aim was to st[...]
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Dibujo de nena y nene en el campo de noche, alumbran con linternas el cielo

Ideas and tips to play with the boys

Play is a right of the children, including school time. Anytime Leisure is a great opportunity to play, and holidays mean more time for it. With simple ideas always linked with the playful and one of the many artistic and cultural offerings that usually have these days are good opportunities to enjoy them. To make the game happen, adults have a responsibility to guarantee proposals, appropriate space and time. First, it is key to recognize that any place can be transformed into a space to play: a square, the sidewalk, a car trip. The winter break can be used to find games to do at home, and t[...]
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