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Niño con vestimenta hecha de hoja de libro. Ojos y aves. Frases.

Flavored childhood

As part of the 7th Child Córdoba Book Fair will be held an activity where children and their families are the protagonists. 
The meeting will be on Saturday 12th at 11 am in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd (Avenida Hipólito Yrigoyen 325) open to the public, and especially aimed at children from infancy. 
The activity will begin with the narrative poems, which are included in the book "Art Ensaladitas". Then he invited the audience to sing and play songs, like the famili[...]
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niño llega una clase debajo de un árbol, otros niños en clase, docente sentado, bandera argentina flameando

Childhood in literature

Childhood left indelible memories everyone. Sometimes, those stories that were in memory, need literature to reappear in the present. "Lyrics from childhoods in Latin America" ?is an invitation to let your imagination with stories whose protagonists childhood as a stage of life, and children as subjects of rights.
This is a compilation of texts that bring the childhoods of our continent from the literary language and the poetic word. For this, various writings of Latin American [...]
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