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nene mirando programa de televisión

Children and television

"Pastel", "fridge", is heard saying to children. However, in our country these phrases and words are not part of everyday vocabulary, but the pronounced character of the favorite programs of the guys who do it with a neutral and unrepresentative of the territory where spectators living language. 
Carolina Duek, Doctor of Social Sciences from the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and post-doctoral fellow of CONICET-National Council of Scientific and Technical Research-, in h[...]
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Abuela cantando nana a bebé

Music as a game

"Arrorró my child, lullaby My Sunshine" is usually the first verse of the lullaby you hear a baby in the arms of their parents, and also one of the first contact you have with music. From birth are related to different sounds, for example the sound of a rattle or listening to stories read to them. This is the first expressive possibilities of the girls and the boys. 
Like the game, the artistic experiences ensure access to cultural expressions from the first years of life and contribute to the overall development. The musical language of art as a possibility, through the rhythm of a lul[...]
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Dibujo nena armando juguete didáctico


In the places and Campo Viejo Crossing Rossi, in the province of Chaco, 14 years ago, "there was no proposal for EU socio-cultural activities," says Mark Monsalvo (36), president of the Civil Association "Young Crossing", an organization since 2000 working with children and youth in the community. While the socio-economic situation changed in recent years with the growth of the city Industrial Park of Puerto Tirol (located 5 miles away), with the creation of a kindergarten and a secondary school, there are still no recreational activities of this kind outside of school hours or activities pro[...]
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