In this section, we share news, studies, interviews, research and projects carried out as well as news from other organizations that are involved in the childhood and education subjects.

Dibujo de nenes viendo una obra de títeres

A jump to more educational opportunities

Train tracks Trail Neighbourhood separate the rest of the city. Right there is the Provincial School No. 3 "General José de San Martín "where Ludoteca The Trochita works. Children of the few school sometimes cross ways and know beyond the end of the city they inhabit. Nor are many possibilities to have access to educational and cultural opportunities: "Our children will not go out of their neighborhood. The center is not far, are approximately ten blocks, but the parents did not take them. From the Municipality and the Department of Culture there are many free art activities, sports, but our[...]
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Niños, niñas y adulto al aire libre en un paisaje serrano

Educating communities

Communities have a responsibility to create conditions so that the children can fully exercise their right to play, either at school, at home or on the town square.
Through the "Educating Communities" program Arcor Foundation seeking proposals accompanying the generation of better educational opportunities for children. The work is coordinated jointly with Arcor Group through committees of Community Relations in locations with plants of the[...]
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Dibujo de niños jugando en la plaza de una localidad, en el cielo hay un barrilete y un globo aerostático

Dossier on Play and Active Life

The game is a right of all children and also a practical active lifestyle. For this reason it is also one of the engines of actions Arcor Foundation launched in 2013; initiatives developed from this theme look. In the Special Dossier "The game as a practice of working life and rights of children" part its Activity Report, elaborates on this theme. 
Since its inception, Arcor Foundation is to contribute in creating equal educational opportunities for children. In recent times, it has deepened in the co[...]
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