In this section, we share news, studies, interviews, research and projects carried out as well as news from other organizations that are involved in the childhood and education subjects.

Dibujo de nene y nena alumbran con una linterna el cielo

Report of Activities 2013

More than 110 thousand children were the stars of the initiatives promoted Arcor Foundation in 2013. Each year the institution renews its commitment to children and drives different actions in order to help create better opportunities and educational prospects for boys and girls in Argentina. All these initiatives, research and projects, and the impact they generated in the communities where they developed, are given in the Read note

Play in childhood

With the right to play as the main premise, under the Social Debt Barometer Children newsletter number1 2014 was presented. Called "Right to play. Time between school, friends and the public space"and was conducted by the Centre of Social Debt Argentina (UCA) supported by Arcor Foundation and Coca Cola Argentina.
The material presents the current situation regarding the exercise of the right to play and non-formal educat[...]
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Active living and childhood in Chile

Cerrillos (Chile) new space projects in Motion School Program (PEM). The initiative was launched in the neighboring country on 28 March with the coordination of the Programme of Community Relations Grupo Arcor Chile. "The launch is an opportunity to work the subject of active life. Sustainability is a commitment, a commitment to the children in the communities we're inserts "said Maria Laura Berner, head of the Department of Sustainability and Internal Communication-Chile Grupo Arcor. Th[...]
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