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Argentina: I still played with "REQUETEMUEVETE"

In addition to going in "search of the book that seeks you", as the motto of the Children's Book Fair of Cordoba says, in the Cultural Center Cordoba can find a giant board. It is about "REQUETEMUEVETE!," a playful activity that invites you to play in movement, a fundamental combination for the integral and healthy growth of the boys and girls.
The scheduled days for the game are 20 and 21 July from 2 to 4 pm, and July 22 from 11 am to 1 pm. The address of the Cultural Center Córdoba is Poeta Lugones 401, two blocks from Plaza España. Read note
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Memory in numbers: Early childhood in focus

In their commitment to generate greater opportunities for children, the Arcor foundations of Argentina and Chile and the Arcor Brasil Institute stepped up their efforts in 2016 to promote equitable access to education as a fundamental engine for the effective fulfillment of their rights. In that sense, different initiatives were strengthened in the region that focused on the relationship between local space and early childhood. Here are some of them:

Regional Early Childhood Program

Educar Primero in Argentina; Childhood first in Chile; And First Childhood in Brazil Read note
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More boys and girls attend school

The Argentine Social Debt Observatory of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina presented new documents on the situation of children in our country. These are "Evolution of indicators of human and social development in children in a human rights perspective (2010-2016)" and "Infants in situations of multidimensional poverty. Comparative analysis of different methodologies for calculating poverty for the case of infancy in Argentina during the Bicentennial period (2010-2016) ". Read note