In this section, we share news, studies, interviews, research and projects carried out as well as news from other organizations that are involved in the childhood and education subjects.

When we work in partnership

The tool is the result of the systematization of the work done by Arcor Foundation with community organizations through the perspective of Local Management Associate. This is the focus from which the foundation design practice, and is intended to improve the experience. Mode approach is a methodology that was applied between 2004 and 2010 in different communities in the Educational Opportunity Program Community (OEC) was encouraged. The experience accumulated throughout its development, facilitated reflection and systematize practice with theoretical - conceptual and methodological contributi[...]
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Arcor Foundation launches new website accessible

More people can access , navigate and interact with the site Arcor Foundation. To contribute to equal opportunities and equal access to digital content , the new website Arcor Foundation was developed following the guidelines and resources Universal Accessibility and Usability WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) .
The new website was certified international consortium of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), comprising 400 organizations as [...]
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Awards Arcor Foundation and Grupo Arcor

Arcor Foundation in articulately with Arcor Group, received the 2013 GOLD Award Eikon , the General Campaign Corporate Communications category for its " Comprehensive Plan of Corporate Communications 20th Anniversary of Arcor Foundation " and ONGs in Social Marketing category the Eikon SILVER Award for the campaign " All kids should have access to early childhood education and cultural expressions." The award ceremony was held on December 9 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires to an audience of over 400 people.

Since 1998 , the magazine IMAGE distinguishes the work of journ[...]
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