In this section, we share news, studies, interviews, research and projects carried out as well as news from other organizations that are involved in the childhood and education subjects.

Fundación Arcor celebrando la entrega del premio

Arcor Foundation of Argentina and Chile and Instituto Arcor Brasil were recognized with three prizes Eikon

Fundación Arcor Argentina, Arcor Chile Foundation and Arcor Brasil Institute won an Eikon Oro award for excellence in institutional communication in the "Sustainability / Education" category, in this case together with the agency Plaga Digital, in the Córdoba edition, and a silver in the national edition. While also was recognized with an Eikon Plata Córdoba in the category "ins[...]
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Expositores y representantes institucionales

The Regional Conference "Moving for a Healthy Child"

The conference exceeded all expectations by bringing together more than 450 participants, all united under one goal: to be a meeting and dialogue space that highlights strategies and experiences in relation to the promotion of healthy habits in childhood and childhood, specifically the linked to the active life, developed from the academy, the public-private alliances and the educative communities. It was held last October 19th.In this context, the Executive Director of Fundación Arcor Chile, María Laura Berner, said: "We are very happy with the call, this shows us that there are many educat[...]
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Dibujo de mujer leyendo un libro a una niña

A bedtime story

Adults not to fall asleep! Reading a story to children before going to bed to dream is a great contribution to their linguistic and cognitive development.
"When the great one reads to them, it introduces the children to other worlds, it incorporates vocabulary, it approaches other realities and forms of expression. Reading time at bedtime has proven to make a big difference in learning to read and write in the school setting, "says Rosemberg. More information on this topic in the Video Read stories with the boy[...]
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