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Trabajos participantes

Hall of Humor, a portal for education

A historical person like the physicist Albert Einsten, a protagonist of the present time like the president of the United States Donald Trump or the works of art like the "Abaporu", of Tarsila do Amaral, form part of the 15th Hall of Humor of Piracicaba. A proof that a critical education is also done with creativity, joy and invention.
The Salãozinho opened last August 26th as part of the program of the 44th International Humor Salon of Piracicaba. The Arcor Institute and Grupo Arcor Brasil are partners for the fourth consecutive year of this initiative, and in 2017, they are also organi[...]
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Especialista en movimiento

Moving for a Healthy Child

Promoting active life as a fundamental part of the integral growth of children and installing the theme in the public agenda are some of the objectives of Fundación Arcor Chile with the Conference "Moving for a healthy childhood". The event is on October 19 at the University of San Sebastián (Chile). The entrance is free. The invited professionals are Dr. Ivana Rivero for the exhibition "Inclusion of the motor game in the pedagogical proposals", and the Magister Alejandro Ducassou, to talk [...]
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Niños y niñas saltando

Two hundred children enjoyed Active Day

Thursday, September 28 was a very active day for the children of the commune of San Joaquin. Fundación Arcor Chile, in partnership with Universidad Autónoma de Chile and the Municipality of San Joaquin, led the Active Day, an activity in which more than 200 children of the commune participated.
The day began with the arrival of children from the San Joaquín Educational Center and the Horacio Aravena Andaur Educational Center to the Arturo Vidal Municipal Stadium, where they were greeted by an [...]
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