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Niñas y niños mirando a cámara

Healthy life promotion workshop in schools

On Wednesday, October 11, the training workshop entitled "Promoting Healthy Living in Schools: Reflections from Experiences" was held.
The activity was organized by Fundación Arcor Argentina and Grupo Arcor and was carried out in the Training Room of the Arcor Arroyito Complex, in the city of Arroyito.
The workshop, which was attended by the members of the Learning to Enjoy Project, focused on reviewing the strategies that the projects ar[...]
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Dibujo de mujer y niña en diálogo

The Importance of Talking to Children

Chatting at home with children is a fundamental aspect to offer them better opportunities for their integral development. For Celia Rosemberg, director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Research in Mathematical and Experimental Psychology (CIIPME), if children can tell past events or what is happening in the present, they can incorporate tools that contribute to a better performance in the school environment. It is, among other things, to acquire new vocabulary.
"Conversations serve to learn to understand and produce texts. In that sense, all the new vocabulary that the boys can have, i[...]
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Participantes PEM

Learning and challenges of the PEM in Contagem

The School in Movement Program (PEM) is a corporate action of Arcor Group, which is developed in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, to stimulate the active life through the movement. Through the Instituto Arcor Brasil, public schools in the Piracicaba region (SP), in the Metropolitan Region of Recife (PE), in Contagem, received technical and financial support to carry out their projects. A fourth edition is underway in Bragança Paulista (SP).

Teachings a[...]

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