In this section, we share news, studies, interviews, research and projects carried out as well as news from other organizations that are involved in the childhood and education subjects.

Niños sentados

Healthy childhood, proximity and public policies

To begin with, we would like to know what the specific role of a medical doctor is, especially in relation to childhood. A health care practitioner is a health professional who is concerned about the population's health issues or problems from a demographic perspective. Unlike a medical clinic that works with the patient and his family, those who work in the field of Public Health, we do it with large populations.
When we talk about Public Health, we are not referring to the health of the state sector or the government or the official sector. On the contrary, when we spe[...]
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Santos Lio, Gerente de Fundación Arcor

Santos Lio: "Our challenge is to reach the whole region with the cause of childhood"

While the manager of the Arcor Foundation, Santos Lio, performs this interview the rest of the collaborators does not stop the pace of their tasks: Team meetings, phone calls, planning activities and talks in the corridors. It is a day like many others of the last 25 years, in which work for children does not stop.
"The commitments that were originally made in 1991 remain the same, that is, we maintain the focus of work in childhood, the rights of the child and education. We have maintained them during the 25 yea[...]
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Joven escalando

Climbing the movement

"The kids are happy," says Fabián Villagra, director of the Horacio Aravena Andaur Municipal Educational Center. At CEMHAA in San Joaquin, Santiago de Chile, both students and teachers are proud of the proposed physical activity and having the wall in the school, in a space where there was nothing before.The name of the project that receives the support of Fundación Arcor Chile through the School in Movement Program (PEM), is "Sports climbing as a strategy to mobilize physical activity and community inclusion in CEMHAA". You ca[...]
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