In this section, you will find information for the communication media regarding the different activities carried out by Arcor Foundation. 

Nene tira pelota para arriba(Alcanzar el cielo-Rubén Mario Antonin)

Newspaper report: Play and move, a healthy combination

"The game needs specific conditions of pleasure, adventure, discovery, and risk. This is connected with the movement, which is one of the conditions most problematic for today's children, who can not leave home without adults. And with an adult accompanying me I can not play, because the game requires not only movement but also freedom. that is, you need a free movement and this is one of the b[...]

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Niño con nariz de payaso saltando en cama elástica

Physical activity from childhood promotes healthy living

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that physical inactivity affects six out of ten people on the planet. In Argentina and Brazil one out of two people is sedentary. And in Chile, the conduct rises to eight in ten inhabitants.
By sedentary lifestyle is meant any behavior that has a low energy expenditure. In that sense, for not being sedentary WHO "it is to perform some type [...]

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Aprendiendo a volar - Rubén Mario Antonin

Play and movement come together in this

"Game, movement and childhood are added and somehow come together. That is, a child is a child if he can play, and you can play if you can move. This has already opened a lot of opportunities. Not standing still play in front of a screen is a kind of sedentary and limited game. It can be fun, it can be interesting, but the game needs specific conditions of pleasure, adventure, discovery and ris[...]

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