With network perspective: working together for a common goal

At Arcor Foundation, we believe that in order to generate a deep change in society, we should create alliances that enable us to work together and optimize efforts. Working within a network allows developing actions and finding solutions at scale and that in isolation, every organization that is part of the network would not be able to reach. Similarly, resources are optimized through these and knowledge and capacities are socialized and strengthened as well.

Thus,  we promote and participate from different groups at local and regional level whose purposes are oriented towards generating better social opportunities since from these bonds, it is possible to accomplish more and at a greater scale.

America Network (RedEAmérica)

In the year 2002, the Inter- American Foundation and Business Actions Network for Bases Development (RedEAmérica) was created, in which we participate. This joint work initiative constitutes a regional challenge to promote the bases development, that is to say, the strengthening of the collective action capacities of the communities. With regional scope, the Argentine Network node is made by Arcor, Holcim, Essen and Loma Negra foundations, and Shell Argentina.

Group of Foundations and Companies (GDFE)

Since 1997, we have been members of the association whose objectives are to promote and give professional character to the private social investment initiatives that are aimed at the public well being and aim at boosting the social responsibility exercise in the communities. Within this framework, we share our experiences and contribute with knowledge about the work methodology and the achievements of our projects.

RedOnda – Argentine Network for the Boys and Girls

Since 2005, we have promoted the Argentine Network for the Boys and Girls (RedOnda) that gathers different organizations of the country that work for children. Its mission is to settle the issue of childhood in the public agenda and have some impact on the policies that are addressed to this sector of the population. Pursuing these objectives, spaces to exchange ideas and training are generated to strengthen the organizations and improve their work regarding the situation of boys and girls.