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Let’s have an emoji for children playing. Join us so that children can play more time.

There are children all over the world, such figure represents a fourth of the whole world population. However, we believe that children are not suitably represented in the Emoji language. Such language, at a global scale, is used today as a digital expression millions of times along the day.

The only representations of children in the emoji language are partial, and they show them neither playing nor in movement, intrinsic activities of childhood, which are essential to assure a healthy development. In such language, all the people “in movement” are adults. That’s why, we are formally requiring Unicode Consortium to accept our “Children Playing” emoji.

Why are we, Arcor Foundation Arcor Institute, Plaga Digital and Social Media Trends, requiring this emoji? Because we have been working together for many years with the intention of giving childhood visibility, of promoting games, recreation and free time

We need children playing more time. We need children growing in movement. We need children growing up healthily.

Your support will strongly help that Unicode Consortium considers the approval of the “Children Playing” emoji existence. Sign now and add your support.
Thank you!