What do children think about public space?

We know that in public spaces, the boys also are educated, that education and socio-cultural opportunities that take place there, to measure the development of their children ... but what do children think?

¿Qué opinan los chicos sobre el espacio público?
¿Qué opinan los chicos sobre el espacio público?

"Public space sounds like it belongs to everyone and to no one , that is,of all!" Says Mariana, who is 10 years old from Cordoba.
For Pilar , 11 and a native of La Rioja, " is a public place such as square, a place where everyone can attend."
Maximiliano , 11 and Córdoba, " is like home, but for all , then it will not damage you have to because it is a privileged space " .
The reflections that made the boys and girls about the places where your everyday runs , emerged from the question: What is public space?, And are contained in the article " Spaces that educate ," published in the fifth edition of the in Italic magazine (now magazine Written) Arcor Foundation.
In the squares, clubs, schools and the neighborhood itself, education is present in all formal and non-formal aspects through the link established with the community. Spaces for children , educate children and adolescents , transmitted ways of doing and understand the culture , besides being large areas of socialization educational potential. Therefore, educational and socio- cultural opportunities available to the integral development of children are talking about that society. We know that not just the creation of plazas, parks or forestry equipment gardens. It is essential , then the management of these spaces through a socio- cultural policy. Manage, gives the possibility to manage the process until those spaces are assumed as their own by the various stakeholders in the community.

I like , I like ...

In their testimony , the guys agree that the public space is a territory of all , but when asked what is the place like best?, The answers vary . For example , Pilar explains that the piece is , because it has its place and things . But for Augustine is the street, "she says In - I feel free and happy sharing things with my friends and having fun ." Milagros (10 years) preferred school because studying and playing with my friends . Maximiliano prefer the mountains and the beach , while Jesica (12 years) he says : "It's my grandmother, she cares for me a lot when I'm at home. Besides , living in a neighborhood that is not as ugly as mine, then I let them out to play in the street."

For many respondents guys , school is one of the places they like least , they say stay long or because there is fun games , like in the supermarket or home kitchen . The neighborhood is not chosen because they can not go out to play or hang out with his friends. The club, the grandparents' house , the backyard , the rides, the square and the house of friends are the destinations they like to go.


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Italic "Spaces that educate " - Year 3 No 5 (June 2009 Edition)


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