Sharing experiences in Tucumán

In various meetings training and training methodology shared Arcor Foundation Local Management Associate technical and territorial references in the province of Tucumán.

Compartiendo experiencias en Tucumán
Compartiendo experiencias en Tucumán

"Building Community: The associated management" is the name of the training cycle that was developed in the province of Tucumán between May and November 2013, with the aim of sharing mode territorial approach that Local Management Associate Arcor Foundation proposes. The same was the result of a partnership with the Ministry of Territorial Planning and Local Development, the Ministry of Social Development, Government of Tucumán. Responsible for the implementation of the proposed agency was the Training Branch and Community Organization in coordination with the Directorate of Territorial Planning and the Office of Children, Youth and Family in the same ministry. The first stage ended with positive balances and design is underway for a second 2014.
Local Management Associate aims to strengthen joint spaces between local governments, institutions, social organizations and citizens to develop better community educational opportunities around the rights of children. In this sense, the objective of the training was to present the methodology developed by Arcor Foundation and share the importance of the participation of local stakeholders as change agents for the generation of community educational opportunities for children. This was an instance of awareness of the value of organized labor and of bringing the theoretical position that supports local management associate. Ana Gelmi responsible for Education and Training Arcor Foundation explained that the significance of this mode of approach is to" recognize the importance of all stakeholders. It is intended that each actor can commit and, thus , build community."

Addressing the methodology

Training - based information on how systematic approach in booklets "Building Communities " - was aimed at 45 provincial technical and 45 territorial social references 15 Tucumán localities : Burruyacú, Las Talitas , San Isidro de Lules, Medinas, Ingenio La Trinidad, Aguilares, Santa Ana, La Cocha, Tafi Viejo, Quilmes and Salaries, Bella Vista, Monteros, Juan Bautista Alberdi and Concepción.

The content was developed in five modules:

  • Reset. Our Framework
  • Situation Analysis: a) Socio-Political Survey, b) Participatory Community Diagnosis;
  • Local articulated design projects childhood;
  • Management and implementation of local childhood articulated projects;
  • Evaluation and Systematization.

The meetings were aimed at technicians and related local community. In some instances, these meetings were shared. For its part, the provincial technicians could become guardians to accompany the process of intervention in the territory. To this end, the different modules of classroom spaces and non -face meeting were organized through the virtual platform Arcor Foundation to exercise reflection on the methodology of social intervention.


New Stage


By 2014, they are redesigning training meetings, where the goal will still share ways to apply the methodology. Referrals are territorial and Technical recipients.



When we work together

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