Learning together to child participation

The Community Councils Community Participation Centers (CPC) of the city of Córdoba added tools to work with children. It was through training on child participation.

Aprendizaje conjunto
Aprendizaje conjunto

In the city of Córdoba , training in childhood is an agenda topic for many organizations focus their work on the overall development of boys and girls and the generation of better socio- educational opportunities.
In 2013 , the foundations Arcor and Holcim Argentina held the " Path Training on Child Participation " training for community councils eleven Children of the Community Involvement Center (CPC ) of Cordoba
The proposal focused on sharing general knowledge of child participation , and levels and areas in which children can develop this practice. Also worked on the role of the adult, the relationship generated and devices to promote the participation of children . The training was conducted in four games, between August and November 2013 , and had as its main purpose is to exchange glances and experiences that enrich the spaces and links intended for children.

Besides Childhood Councils participated professionals Municipal System for Integral Protection of Rights of Children and Adolescents in the city of Cordoba and Cordoba Class members for the Rights of Children and Young People. The contents were dictated by Bettina Perona and Edgardo Consoli , members of the Civil Partnership Ark . We worked with different modalities : training space with all participants; consulting consulting demand for a particular team , and towards the end , a panel for the exchange of experiences.

This time, in addition to the foundations, the " Path Training on Child Participation " was also organized by the Cordovan Collective for the Rights of Children and Youth and the Municipal Council of Children of the City of Córdoba.

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