The importance of studying the situation of children

Study and know the situation of children in Latin America is one of the primary objectives of the First Information System (SIPI).

La situación de la infancia
La situación de la infancia

Study and know the situation of children in the countries of Latin America is one of the primary objectives of the First Information System (SIPI). Their reports shed light around the implementation of the rights and obligations of States with regard to children and adolescents in the region.
Latin America is a region with a great diversity of situations in demographic, economic , social and cultural terms, as reflected in the state of infancy. Therefore, the First Information System (SIPI) focuses on tracking the issue in these countries , through statistical information and compilations of regulations that reflect the degree of fulfilling the rights of children in the countries of the region.

In "Thoughts on the state of early childhood in Latin America," the theme magazine Por Escrito # 8 of Arcor Foundation, Néstor López- coordinator of the Information System on Educational Trends in Latin America (SITEAL) - speaks about the importance of the reports prepared by the SIPI . For Lopez , the value is in the context data that shed such documents on the situation in Latin America on the subject. With that information , the researcher argues that each country has own challenges to ensure the full exercise of rights. For example , around each State appropriation made ??to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is manifested in the content public agenda for children.

In SITEAL, SIPI 's website, you can access the extensive menu of productions with information about the situation of children in each country regiónPara Lopez: "The production of information in the region is adequate or reasonable when it comes to those points in the current directory reprising shafts planning based on a vision of the public sector , such as health, education or housing policy, but is very scarce and uneven when it comes to the issues that stormed the agenda during the last decades , from positioning children as subjects of law" Therefore, the SIPI in different research includes national strategies around the issue. Thus, information is also available what each country is doing and what policies carried forward. "In the region are spreading the experiences of comprehensive policies for early childhood and government actions to ensure the rights of children. The analysis of plans, policies , programs and projects identified and systematized on the basis of SIPI shows the coexistence of actions that clearly are positioned in the forefront from a rights perspective with others that reflect the own sectoral or targeted tradition of political culture again in the region"says Lopez.







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