Indoors: companies committed to the promotion of child rights

"Companies for Children" work in 2014 for the promotion of child rights with an eye on the workforce in the private sector. The information and knowledge produced is then captured in a report.

Empresas por la Infancia
Empresas por la Infancia

The Initiative Companies for Children (ExI) advances to share the perspective of children's rights into business. For 2014 , the proposed work addresses the link between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Internal Public and childhood.

ExI is a proposal to jointly drive Arcor Foundation, Save The Children and UNICEF. Their main objective is to mobilize and promote private sector practices corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from the perspective of the rights of children (CSR -I) Javier Rodriguez, Arcor Foundation member, explained that "we work with a general framework which states that all companies have the obligation to respect the rights and are invited to make a commitment to promote them."

The focus of work this year puts the look in the way companies relate to the children of its employees and the strategies used to promote the rights of children in areas such as parenting support and schooling.

To get to the production of a final report on the subject, it provides for mapping, interviews and workshops multipliers. The document, which will include the systematization of the experience, current situation and proposals will be published in October and will be available in digital edition. The workshops are intended to transfer tools that facilitate the development of business initiatives for children and adolescents. Involved about a hundred companies comprising the eight gearbox with which articulates ExI work. The gearboxes are nonprofit organizations that are primarily made ??up of companies that undertook to disseminate ExI actions. In 2013, the theme of the initiative was corporate marketing and communication , and was aimed at promoting inclusion and respect for the rights of children in the daily work of companies, in relation to products, services and relationships developing trade and communication.

For Children

ExI was formed in 2006 and promotes companies that add value to their look at adopting practices for children with strategies that awareness , research and knowledge building on CSR issues and rights. The action lines that define this work are:


  • Research and production of knowledge linked to CSR Children.
  • Visibility and communication on CSR Children in public and private agenda.
  • Training and coordination of actors.


The multipliers that articulate work with ExI are Valos (Mendoza), Covenant San Juan (San Juan), Minka Munay (Jujuy), Solidarity Group (Misiones), Business Council of Entre Ríos (Entre Rios ), MoveRSE (Rosario -Santa Fe), Enterprise Forum Patagonia, Neuquén Friendly Companies (Neuquén ) ( / pages / Friends - of - Business - Neuqu % C3 % A9n/128935150461438 ) and Group Nuevos Aires (Buenos Aires).


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