The methodology EduCometro internationally certified

The tool developed by Arcor Foundation to diagnose educational opportunities for the children in a community-EduCometro-received ISO 9001:2008 certification DNV GL - RvA quality.

EduCometro, metodología certificada
EduCometro, metodología certificada

Arcor Foundation received international certification by the "Implementing Diagnostic Tool educational opportunities for children in communities." This is a significant achievement, as it enables to improve internal processes and generate a quality management system for continuous improvement of the methodology for measuring Foundation created by the educational opportunities is a community for their children and adolescents . The ISO 9001:2008 certification was awarded by the recognized international body DNV GL - RvA in January 2014, and is valid for three years with annual renewal.


The certification was obtained following voluntary submission of Arcor Foundation in order to optimize processes and quality management system for continuous improvement. It involves the review of the implementation process of EduCometro in order to record each of the steps performed . This task gives guarantees for the work of the task force on the management of information and making reports on the situation in the community surveyed application.

After granted certification, periodic audit schedule is established to carry forward for three years , with annual regularity . The review of the processes and opportunities for improvement of audit corroborates certification and reevaluated the performance obtained with EduCometro.

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