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Since 2010, Argentina vários locais na mediu educacionais opportunities as oferecidas às crianças Through EduCometro. Uma ferramenta continues to crescer.


"Childhood is the measure" is the phrase that defines EduCometro , the methodology developed to measure Arcor Foundation in integrated community that provides educational opportunities to children and adolescents , and thus to realize their rights .
It was created in 2010 under the premise of valuing children as the core of a community and , from this perspective , rethink the places for education of children and adolescents. The first towns that were implemented this tool Jesús María (Córdoba) and Recreation (Catamarca).

Applying EduCometro is conducting a comprehensive assessment of the possibilities of access to education with boys and girls of a certain community . The results given by this measurement possible the design and implementation of agency policies and practices of social inclusion adapted to the educational needs and comprehensive child and adolescent development. The methodology designed to be applied in small and medium towns by all stakeholders involved in education and children ; ie municipal, provincial or national authorities, concerning neighborhood , civil society organizations , professionals and social workers , among others.

In recent years, more locations in Argentina incorporated the methodology in order to meet the educational opportunities for their community thus social and political intervention. These are: Colonia Caroya and Jesús María (Córdoba ) Recreation ( Catamarca ), San Isidro de Lules and Rio Seco (Tucumán ); Salto, San Pedro and Luján ( Buenos Aires ); Junín and San Martín ( Mendoza) and Choele Choel (Black River) in coordination with Arcor Group and also in the municipalities of Unquillo , Villa de Soto, Nono (Córdoba ) , Puerto Rico and Garuhapé (Misiones ); Firmat (Santa Fe); and San José (Entre Rios). In Alta Gracia and Arrochar (Córdoba ), some steps were applied EduCometro because these locations were conducting diagnostic and / or strategic planning.

As a result of the experiences of the different municipalities, the Learning Community was created, a space for the meeting and shared learning between local states participating in EduCometro.

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