"Art transforms" - Interview with Andrea Lelli

Art Ensaladitas include a CD and a book with ideas to stimulate play and art as healthy growth engines. A look that favors children and the Rights of Children.

Ensaladitas de Arte
Ensaladitas de Arte

The music, the visual arts, literature, drama and play are great allies early childhood . Articulate the different artistic expressions of playing time is a substantial contribution to the overall development of children. In that sense , the Band Opening Rounds conjunction with Arcor Foundation published Ensaladitas art , integrated by a booklet and a CD to accompany the children during the first years of life proposal. The material was produced jointly Opening Rounds and Arcor Foundation.

"The purpose of art is Ensaladitas artistic experience that is part of the daily life of children. Looking demystify art is an area that is restricted to certain age groups or , if conditions are generated is a possibility that is available to everyone , "says Andrea Lelli , member of Opening Rounds .
Contains ideas, suggestions and content embodied in various expressive activities , resources and simple materials that meet the needs and interests of children , and is intended for teachers, mothers and caregivers community promoters .
The Association was established in 2007 , looking for a place where you develop and implement actions and interventions that promote the bond of childhood play , art and various forms of culture; from the perspective of children's rights . " It aims to democratize and generate proposals to the accessibility of artistic experience in the family and socio- area institutions ," said Lelli . The team is completed by Ana Segui Carolina Vaca Narvaja and Mariel Glökner .

Why promote the link between childhood play and artistic expression ?
Consider it essential to reassess the artistic experience as an intrinsically generator changes that improve the living conditions of space, a tool for dialogue, participation and collective construction. Art transforms generates links from affection, expression and communication, redefines materials and spaces around us , is a way to retrieve the knowledge we all have, transmitted by generations. The child through play approach to this whole experience. Play is the main activity of the day for the child and therefore the fundamental mode of learning. It is recognized as a language itself and throughout his life he accompanied to discover the world . It has a culturally valuable content that promotes moments of encounter , exploration , knowledge, individual moments , collective , expression, creation , enjoyment and pleasure. The game creates the potential for development and imagination context.
What are the benefits?
From this view , you can generate experiences that provide better conditions for the development of children. Promote from a comprehensive , involves looking at the child in a particular family and social context , by providing essential care protection , food , hygiene and health , but it also requires a different time to share games , songs, stories and experiences related the expressive languages ??. Allows accompany parenting valuing it as an opportunity , re- signifying the daily experiences from cultural , aesthetic and expressive experiences.
Why do I approach it from the game?
The game, as well as art , promotes moments search of knowledge ; individual and collective . All experiences in childhood are linked to the game as an engine for the development of creative initiatives that promote the exchange of ideas and consensus. When generating moments to play with words , looks, gestures and body movements , sounds and colors, the child will begin to make contact with music, visual arts, literature and theater, the hand of an adult creates the conditions for the game.
What responsibilities and obligations we adults?
The adult who can create a link that, from the affection, favor time and space where play and artistic experiences are developed according to the interests and needs of children. Assume an attitude that encourages and fosters the active participation of boys and girls at the hands of an adult to be moved , place, play and stream culture responsibly, take care , observe and respond to the needs of the child , to play , look, listen , to trust , accept diversity, to be open to discussion and agreement, who wants to learn and is safe assuming challenges through action.

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