Playing since the early years of life

Play is one of the key activities for the overall development of children. So from birth that the game is valuable part of their lives.

Niño saltando. Niños y niñas jugando en el patio del jardín
Niño saltando. Niños y niñas jugando en el patio del jardín

To grow healthy kids health and wellness - the - also need time and space to play. From birth, the first recreational possibilities appear .The game brings to the physical and mental health , education , communication and ownership of securities. It also stimulates meet other kids from their own and others emotions as well as contact with the outer and inner world . Therefore, it is important that the game appears from the first moments of life as it is during early childhood when more people learn and develop . It is a stage that influences the rest of life , because it also affects the formation of personality . At that time resources are incorporated to build emotional ties , make rules , make decisions, define interests and discover emotions.For example , playing with babies is a good way to help them grow as a confident person . The forms of the game and stimulation change according to age periods, but always affection , glances , hugs and laughter are the best allies.The playful moments also stimulate creativity , talent and imagination. Therefore, children need to be active to grow and learn about the world through play. By doing from babies , the game becomes a great motivational tool to search, browse , discover and be surprised. On the other hand, helps develop their psychomotor coordination , strengthen your muscles , bones , lungs and heart , because his whole body is in motion .At home, at school, in the hospital, in the square ...Everywhere you can play ! But it is important always the presence of adults to accompany , propose, promote and disrupt the game or mediate when necessary. That children will have fun in freedom is responsibility of the greats. They are also responsible to have space and time, and to transmit the culture of the game. Create those moments generated in small habitual game and helps to be valued as an activity .It is also a fundamental right of all children and understand it in this sense contributes to shift that perspective to everyday practices to children, to build educational, cultural and recreational opportunities. Thus, it is also privileging childhood as a unique and essential step in the life of all people.

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