Children and schooling in Latin America

The SIPI published a report on trends in early childhood education in the region. Statistical data analysis and reviewed to understand the importance of access to educational opportunities.

Portada resumen estadístico. Barras de colores.
Portada resumen estadístico. Barras de colores.

In Latin America increasingly children attending formal school. However, in the region, the differences between countries, even though most states established as a compulsory initial education persist. With a statistical summary, the SIPI (Information System Early Childhood in Latin America) presented data on early childhood education in Latin America.
The publication is circulated through SITEAL (Information System on Educational Trends in Latin America), in April 2014, with the name "Commented Statistical Summary: Recent trends in early childhood education". The work presented in numbers the situation in the region in enrollment of children. According to research, in 2010 85.9% of children under 5 years attending an educational establishment. However, countries go through different situations, which in some cases become very different from each other. For example , the summary states: "While in Mexico and Uruguay over 96 % of children under 5 years are enrolled in Guatemala only 47.3 % of children under 5 years attending the initial level." Also refers to the breadth of coverage of early education in rural areas in the period 2000-2010, but in turn, warns on persistent differences by area of ??residence.

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