Arcor Brazil Institute: Ten years of commitment to children

The first decade of Arcor Brazil Institute held a conference game and active life. An excellent opportunity to renew the commitment to children and adolescents can have equal opportunities through education.

personas sentadas escuchando
personas sentadas escuchando

The Institute Arcor Brazil not only celebrated its ten years of life, but also made the annual Regional Conference Corporate Social Investment Program School Movement (PEM). Was held on May 27 in the town of Rio Das Pedras, Brazil with the name "Play by Play? Right, pleasure and learning".
The activity was aimed at all age groups, with a large presence of teachers in schools and institutions nearby destinations. Among the more than 230 people packed the auditorium of the host Rio Das Pedras school, industrial partners Arcor Group plant in that city were accompanied by their families.
The theme of the conference focused on the importance of play and active life. The lecture was given by educator and artist Adelson Fernandes Murta Son, and Fortuna Tania Ramos, founder and director of the University Extension Program "Who wants to play?" (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul). Also present were members of Grupo Arcor Brazil, Arcor Foundation of Argentina, and the executive director of the Institute Arcor Brazil, Celia Ribeiro de Aguiar with his team.
"Games encourage, encourage children's curiosity to learn more and grow," said Fernandes Murta, while Fortuna Ramos explained that teachers and schools have to "reconfigure their actions and spaces in order to promote conditions for different opportunities to learn and play, thus contributing to the active life and the integral education of children. "

Double emotionality

Rio Das Pedras is the first community in the Arcor Institute began working in community ten years ago. In this early work, Arcor Brazil Institute has supported 338 projects in line with its mission to help children and adolescents have equal opportunities through education. Among its actions, highlights the My School program grows, that between 2004 and 2014 supported 182 projects in the public schools of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Pernambuco; and Project Life, light and sound, which allowed more than 4,000 children to make visual and hearing exams for free, among other initiatives.

With the Regional School Corporate Social Investment Program in Motion, the Institute supported projects related to the game thirteen and playful recreation of public schools in the municipalities of Rio das Pedras, Piracicaba, Saltinho, Mombuca, Capivari, Monte Mor and Rafard.

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