Active living and childhood in Chile

The Regional School Corporate Social Investment Program in Motion gave the initial kick in Chile. Cerrillos public schools presented various projects related to the promotion of play spaces for children.

Imagen institucional del programa Escuela en Movimiento Chile.
Imagen institucional del programa Escuela en Movimiento Chile.

Cerrillos (Chile) new space projects in Motion School Program (PEM). The initiative was launched in the neighboring country on 28 March with the coordination of the Programme of Community Relations Grupo Arcor Chile. "The launch is an opportunity to work the subject of active life. Sustainability is a commitment, a commitment to the children in the communities we're inserts "said Maria Laura Berner, head of the Department of Sustainability and Internal Communication-Chile Grupo Arcor.

The PEM seeks to promote active living habits, play and recreation in the area of ??primary school. The projects submitted by the nine municipal schools Cerrillos are linked to the theme: "Most are aimed at promoting opportunities and conditioning infrastructure for kids to play, improve relationships through habits of active life and recreation He entertained "he said. The program is in the process of project selection, culminating in late June. It is expected that the selected schools begin work in August.

Cerrillos is one of the 34 communes of Santiago de Chile, has more than 78,000 inhabitants. In that town, Arcor Group owns three industrial bases. According to Berner, your country is high rate of physical inactivity in children: "It is a strong application, you play things that have little to do with the movement, active life, the outdoors; enclosed play with technological devices. Therefore, the PEM is an opportunity for schools to encourage recreational and physical activities for children to generate these habits, "he said.It is the first regional Corporate Social Investment program Arcor Group. We develop Arcor Foundation of Argentina, Arcor Institute of Brazil and the Community Relations Group Arcor Chile. This initiative is aligned with the sustainability policies of Grupo Arcor.

In Argentina was implemented in 2013 in the province of San Juan, and in 2014, the call for schools in some localities of the province of Buenos Aires was opened. As for Brazil, worked in supporting projects in seven municipalities. "The sense of joint is a synergy of resources for the proper performance of the program. In addition, share looks, because the diagnosis is more or less shared, although figures vary, the trend is more sedentary children. We are looking with the same focus and there are seeing the particularities of each culture, "concluded Mary Laura.

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