Play in childhood

The Barometer of Social Debt Children launched the first newsletter of the year. Inquire about the right to play and the cultural and recreational opportunities for children.

Nena remontando un barrilete. Portada Boletín Barómetro
Nena remontando un barrilete. Portada Boletín Barómetro

With the right to play as the main premise, under the Social Debt Barometer Children newsletter number1 2014 was presented. Called "Right to play. Time between school, friends and the public space"and was conducted by the Centre of Social Debt Argentina (UCA) supported by Arcor Foundation and Coca Cola Argentina.
The material presents the current situation regarding the exercise of the right to play and non-formal education in the field of sport, the arts and culture in urban childhoods Argentina. The information was obtained through the Survey on Social Debt Argentina (EDSA - 5700 households), with a focus on children and adolescents aged 5 to 17 years in urban areas of our country. Childhoods are entitled to play. The key question is whether there are those spaces and times for the children to play. The bulletin discusses the opportunities for play, recreation and relaxation offered by the school, as the institution in which processes occur socialization of boys and girls, and supply and access to training activities in the field of sport and Art in school and extra-school spaces. It explores the space of non-school time of spontaneous play in public space and other instances in which physical and social skills are deployed. The research purpose was to describe the different situations that cross childhoods in exercising the right to play and opportunities to ensure this.

The paper is available in digital version on the Arcor Foundation website.


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