Report of Activities 2013

Arcor Foundation presents its 2013 Activity Report. Material is summarizing data, computer graphics and interviews a year of work. It was published in print and digital media.

Portada Informe de Actividades 2013
Portada Informe de Actividades 2013

More than 110 thousand children were the stars of the initiatives promoted Arcor Foundation in 2013. Each year the institution renews its commitment to children and drives different actions in order to help create better opportunities and educational prospects for boys and girls in Argentina. All these initiatives, research and projects, and the impact they generated in the communities where they developed, are given in the Report of Activities 2013. The report presents the work done during the year in its main lines of action: Regional Initiatives, Education and Training, Education and Research, and Social and Public Mobilization. It is available in a double version, digital and print. Digital is an expanded version, since it has a higher content development and direct links to audiovisual material.

From the inside

EduCometro, School Program in Movement and the Campaign "Eyes of a Child Play" are some of the most important actions taken by the Foundation in 2013 among 81 initiatives promoted by other institutions and organizations. Through interviews, the voice of the representatives of social organizations, government officials, researchers and managers of schools, who share his view on the initiatives in which they participate and develop in conjunction with Foundation present. It also includes an annex with all projects supported during this period.

The report also presented through an infographic information related to the social investment made by the organization, the scope of its initiatives, the number of participants, among children and adults-, and national and regional scope of their projects.Also offers a tour of alliances, partnerships and actors with whom Foundation works together as units of states, social and civic organizations, universities, the business sector and media, among others. A chapter is intended to advances in spaces that form part Arcor Foundation as RedEAmérica, round and Group Foundations and Enterprises. You can also find a record of our own publications, as Written, and others, conducted in partnership with media and alternative channels.

In the Special Dossier on "Play and active life", the main characteristics of the game and its importance in the overall development of children and the role of adult and community to ensure full exercise of this right.

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