Dossier on Play and Active Life

Playing is a right of all children and to Fundación Arcor also a pillar for the active life. Therefore, the Activity Report 2013 developed a Special Dossier on which shares his perspective on the game and working life.

Nota 2 Dossier Juego y vida activa
Nota 2 Dossier Juego y vida activa

The game is a right of all children and also a practical active lifestyle. For this reason it is also one of the engines of actions Arcor Foundation launched in 2013; initiatives developed from this theme look. In the Special Dossier "The game as a practice of working life and rights of children" part its Activity Report, elaborates on this theme. 
Since its inception, Arcor Foundation is to contribute in creating equal educational opportunities for children. In recent times, it has deepened in the context of play and active life as key elements in the overall development of children. In this sense, includes the game as a great learning space where rules, modes and values ??are shared. Also considered to be an instance of meeting with other kids, so that helps build relationships, understand the world, yours and that of their peers. Ie allowing them to have experiences that places them in the fabric of their community. 
Additionally, the game is an essential part for the physical and mental wellbeing. And health is not merely the absence of disease, but that has to do with unsatisfied basic needs and the pleasure of access to art, culture and recreation, among other factors. As posed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the game has to be taken into account as an important point of growth and development of children, associated with rest and leisure. However, the key role in creating opportunities for this to occur is for adults. Arcor Foundation for the responsibility of adults is essential to respect, promote and foster the space and time for the boys and girls play.

How to play main character

In 2013, as part of its policy of Sustainability, Arcor Group launched its first "School on the Move" Regional Corporate Social Investment Program. This initiative seeks to develop projects that promote active living habits, play and recreation in primary schools in the region. In this program work together Arcor Institute in Brazil, Argentina Arcor Foundation and Community Relations in Chile. Each country is in various stages of implementation.


Report of Activities 2013

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