Educating communities

The community has a right essential to ensure access to the game and the guys role more educational opportunities. That's one of the purposes of Educating Communities Program, powered by Arcor Foundation and Grupo Arcor.

Comunidades Educadoras
Comunidades Educadoras

Communities have a responsibility to create conditions so that the children can fully exercise their right to play, either at school, at home or on the town square.
Through the "Educating Communities" program Arcor Foundation seeking proposals accompanying the generation of better educational opportunities for children. The work is coordinated jointly with Arcor Group through committees of Community Relations in locations with plants of the company, with the intention of contributing to the development of base; and also with the Walking Together Foundation, according to the territory where it is implemented.
The program's goal is to work with communities articulately, involving families, social organizations and the State at different levels, in creating, strengthening and promotion of space, time and favorable conditions for socio guys in situation of social vulnerability. Projects that have received support varied sociocultural develop strategies that encourage and promote play and artistic activities from a comprehensive perspective and from the perspective of the rights of children within their locality. Mainly are developed by organizations of civil society, such as community centers, libraries, sports clubs, soup kitchens, among others, those who design and implement proposals to scale territorial society.
When children play, they are finding other ways of being, to transform structures, cross borders. Play is a healthy activad, which helps them in their growth. So, the game is a right of children can not be thought in isolation from others who also recognizes the Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescents (1990).

In numbers

The "Educating Communities" during 2013, the program adopted a total of 13 projects: three in San Luis, one in a rural area, developed in partnership with Walking Together Foundation; Promote Córdoba and one in the rural area Old Crossing, in the province of Chaco. The other eight initiatives are distributed among the five nodes that make up the organization round (NOA, Centro, NEA; South Cuyo), covering the provinces of Salta, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe , Chaco, Black River, Neuquén, Mendoza and La Rioja. In total, the project took center stage to 4,255 children aged 0-8 years and 1567 adults.
The support of Fundación Arcor, Grupo Arcor and Walking Together Foundation is funding and support to the proposed technical assistance during the preparation and training during project implementation.

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