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In the city of Salto, Buenos Aires Province, the boys and girls of the School No.3 enjoy playing in the playroom The Trochita. A project that emerged from Educating Communities program.

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Train tracks Trail Neighbourhood separate the rest of the city. Right there is the Provincial School No. 3 "General José de San Martín "where Ludoteca The Trochita works. Children of the few school sometimes cross ways and know beyond the end of the city they inhabit. Nor are many possibilities to have access to educational and cultural opportunities: "Our children will not go out of their neighborhood. The center is not far, are approximately ten blocks, but the parents did not take them. From the Municipality and the Department of Culture there are many free art activities, sports, but our students are not present. So think of a place to play and enjoy the leisure time ", explains Claudia Vidal, teacher, school director and project coordinator.
This was the diagnosis that led to the project's playroom. The same was presented in the framework of Educating Communities Program, driving Arcor and Arcor Group Foundation in the town, and which seeks to create play areas that stimulate the expression, production, creation and socio-cultural exchange that integrates children and adults.
"The invitation to participate in the program arrived at the school, and after the first meeting where they announced goals began working with Team Arcor Foundation. The relationship started in mid-2012 with the training for us, and armed encounters of the proposal, "says the director.
In working together Trochita School No. 3, the No. 906 Garden, the Society for Promotion of Area Trail and the "Open Farm" program, which runs on Saturdays at school with recreational activities for students.
There are 290 students in primary school and 90 going to the Garden, they all live with their families in the neighborhood and Pancho Sierra Trail.
During 2013, since the Playroom activities were carried forward read theater and shadow theater, and performed play encounters with families and children of the Garden. The results collected with the implementation of the project are positive. The intention is that toys, games and armed resources are available in different parts of the school and the Sociedad de Fomento (outside school hours) for the kids to play and enjoy other activities.
Moreover, since the institution are working to stimulate parental involvement. "With families is an ongoing challenge, this point you have to work a lot, it is not a community in which you summon and come right away," he explains. Claudia works in teaching for 38 years, and is also a librarian. "I am convinced that the lives of our children can be better and is responsible through education, shared and mature."

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