"It's play!" Is the name of the project that the Civil Partnership conducts Cross Young guys in a rural area of the Chaco. It takes place in the framework of Educating Communities Program, powered by Arcor Foundation and Grupo Arcor.

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In the places and Campo Viejo Crossing Rossi, in the province of Chaco, 14 years ago, "there was no proposal for EU socio-cultural activities," says Mark Monsalvo (36), president of the Civil Association "Young Crossing", an organization since 2000 working with children and youth in the community. While the socio-economic situation changed in recent years with the growth of the city Industrial Park of Puerto Tirol (located 5 miles away), with the creation of a kindergarten and a secondary school, there are still no recreational activities of this kind outside of school hours or activities proposed by the Association. This prompted the organization to think about the creation of a project whose axis is the game. "That time of play, essential for the overall development, is devalued by families. However, we note the enthusiasm and desire of children to participate in various recreational activities, "said Marcos. Thus was born "Let's play it." The project, which is part of the Communities Program Educating drives Arcor Foundation - began to be implemented this year in line with the start of classes. "It is implemented for 12 months, in which eleven workshops and ten toys and games will be held. The dedicated to games and toys were intended for leisure time school season, "says the teacher. "Young Crossing" works with a total of 165 children, of which 50 involved in the project "Let's Play". This activity takes place at the headquarters of the Association, there homemade toys made ??by recycling waste materials and using some specific, such as paints and paper. "Toys can be educational, skill, expression, outdoor chess as a collective, making puppets or kite" lists enthusiastically. The project also provides consulting training for youth in order to give continuity to the space as well as a process of systematization. For this task, assists the chair of Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, Design and Culture Sciences at the National University of the Northeast. He is also involved in the work the town of Puerto Tirol.

From generation to generation

The training project for young people is aimed at siblings or mothers of children participating in the project. "They are young adults who were the first generation of children who participated in the activities," says Monsalvo. The training is both theoretical and practical and is made by the workshop of games and toys. "The purpose of training is to acquire the basics in animation techniques (great games, crafts) in pedagogical reflection (child development, business planning, team work), and then transpose the theoretical learning, participating in workshops games and toys with different groups. "


Working with children in Old Crossing began in 2000 when a group of parents organized to take over the school canteen. At that time, the project "Discovering the step" offering tutoring, art workshops and informal recreation space during free time with group games was created. In 2005, the National Youth enrolled the group "Young Cruce" in a register of associations dedicated to working with children and adolescents, which got funding for a music workshop. In 2010, was established in Civil Partnership with legal status.

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