Music as a game

As the game, artistic expressions are essential for the healthy growth of children. Opening Rounds develops the possibilities of music in early childhood.

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"Arrorró my child, lullaby My Sunshine" is usually the first verse of the lullaby you hear a baby in the arms of their parents, and also one of the first contact you have with music. From birth are related to different sounds, for example the sound of a rattle or listening to stories read to them. This is the first expressive possibilities of the girls and the boys. 
Like the game, the artistic experiences ensure access to cultural expressions from the first years of life and contribute to the overall development. The musical language of art as a possibility, through the rhythm of a lullaby, a poem or a song to play, provides motor, affective-communicative, cognitive and expressive capabilities, display imagination and fantasy, familiar with the spoken and sung word, among other skills for growth. 
The teachers Andrea Lelli, Ana Carolina Vaca Narvaja and I followed, members of the Association Opening Rounds address this issue in the article "Music is a cinch. Keys and ways to think about the musical experience in early childhood. The text was published in seven edition Written, from the thematic review Arcor Foundation, in which different authors address childhood from a more theoretical perspective. 
"The exploration, imitation, repetition, the game will be the ways for the song, sounds, body movement, gestures appear as real opportunities of expression," explained the teachers. Therefore, the importance of generating moments traversed by the artistic experience: when you play a word, eyes, with a gesture, with the sounds and colors. These first contacts with the artistic language accompanying the growth of children, strengthening identity, even in adulthood. From Opening Rounds argue that accompany this from art everyday is look substantially and evaluate simple things every day.


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