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"Art Ensaladitas to taste with the smaller" is the name of the activity that Arcor Foundation and the Association will develop during the Opening Rounds Children Book Fair in Cordoba on July 12 at 11 am.

Feria del libro
Feria del libro

As part of the 7th Child Córdoba Book Fair will be held an activity where children and their families are the protagonists. 
The meeting will be on Saturday 12th at 11 am in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd (Avenida Hipólito Yrigoyen 325) open to the public, and especially aimed at children from infancy. 
The activity will begin with the narrative poems, which are included in the book "Art Ensaladitas". Then he invited the audience to sing and play songs, like the familiar "The sea was Serena." Further, a body activity with colored ribbons are held and a plastic production in different media are also developed with the aim of generating a collective creation with the tapes. The proposal shall be submitted by Arcor Foundation and coordinated by the Association Opening Round.

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